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| Saturday, August 12, 2017


Everyone's excited about the 2017 Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus Festival and what it has to offer in the week.

The Suva weather is unpredictable and perhaps it's advisable that you carry an umbrella or raincoat just in case of sudden heavy downpour.

Nevertheless, rain or sun the festival will always be the "Mother of all Festivals".




10 cents

It troubles me when my children sometimes call me "mamaqi" (money-minded), i.e a tightwad, a skinflint or at best parsimonious compared to other folks.

So, it has been heartening this month to discover most shoppers in Suva supermarkets are no less averse to spending an extra 10 cents than I am.

Willard Miller

Ellis Place, Suva



Are we certain that there isn't another 77 out there? Are we going to leave our door wide open with our poor ability to detect these kinds of operations?

Rick Eyre




What a new experience for me! I bought from the supermarket and I was charged 10 cents for the plastic bag.

Then, I bought a few things from the second-hand shop and they also charged me 10 cents for the plastic bag.

And when I bought sliced fish from the fish shop, they also charged me 10 cents for the plastic bag.

But it didn't show on the receipt given. I just told myself, "Isa o keda".

There's no more room to manoeuvre now! And I seem to be a person with no voice too!

Joeli Naleca




Thank you for your gentlemen's decision and agreement and the decision by Nadroga to let Suva play against Namosi and to retain as part of their trophy the $5000 prizemoney.

These are bigger lessons which we can learn from.

To accept defeat, to correct the mistakes, to teach and show the right ways are honourable avenues for us to follow.

A big thank you Nadroga.

Alex Waqalevu

Subrawal St, Waiyavi, Lautoka



Perhaps we should ask why it was not highlighted nor mentioned, let alone celebrated, the UN sanctioned International Day of the Indigenous People on August 9?

Samuela B. Naicegucegu

Waya St, Lautoka

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