PM still leads poll

Fred Wesley | Saturday, August 12, 2017
The latest Tebbutt Times Poll has come out with some interesting figures.
Fred Wesley. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU
Fred Wesley. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, as expected, continues to lead on the popularity poll.

His approval rating as PM is much higher than the support for other prominent political leaders in their respective roles.

When asked to rate the performance of four leaders in Fiji, 76 per cent rated Mr Bainimarama highly, saying he was either doing "a good job" or "a very good job", compared with the 49 per cent Leader of the Opposition Ro Teimumu Kepa got, the 44 per cent Professor Biman Prasad received as leader of the National Federation Party, and 13 per cent Sitiveni Rabuka received as SODELPA leader.

Net disapproval (those responding that leaders were doing either "a poor job" or "not a very good job") was 5 per cent for Mr Bainimarama, 6 per cent for Ro Teimumu, 7 per cent for Prof Prasad, and 13 per cent for Mr Rabuka.

This weekend's results come in the wake of last weekend's figures placing Mr Bainimarama on a very high plane on the preferred PM measure.

Last weekend's survey respondents answered openly when asked the question: If there was an election held in Fiji tomorrow, who would you prefer to see succeed as PM?

Mr Bainimarama polled 49 per cent over Mr Rabuka's 16 per cent and Prof Prasad, who polled 2 per cent.

Mr Bainimarama's total rating anchored a strong comeback after he dropped to 34 per cent in the May survey, from a high of 44 per cent in February.

Support for Mr Rabuka and Prof Prasad remained stable last weekend.

The results this week are interesting in the placement of leaders, especially in the wake of last weekend's results.

One thing is certain. Political parties and aspiring politicians have their work cut out. Anyone who does not take note of the opinions of the masses will be left behind.

It is now about digging in and actually doing the legwork to win attention.

There are different opinions out there.

Surely, from last weekend's results, there will be interest over the large number of people who are still undecided about who their preferred PM will be.

That perhaps will be a critical area political parties will focus on over the coming months.

Whether the figures change or not is something to look forward to.

We have had a very long association with Tebbutt Research, stretching back to 1992.

With the Tebbutt Times Poll we hope to stimulate public discussion and debate on issues that affect us all.

We hope to provide a platform where issues of concern will be raised, heard, and acknowledged by the movers and shakers in our country, and hopefully will inch out positive results in the end.

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