Speed cameras

Pramesh Naidu, Nadi | Friday, August 11, 2017
Speed cameras are a good way to monitor traffic infringements on the roads throughout the world and as a result Fiji has also adopted this trend as is evident on our roads.

The recent increase in the number of days to pay up penalties is really good, which provides the road user enough time to pay after being notified by the authorities.

Although this is good, I still believe there is more to be done in terms of informing the public how speed cameras work through workshops and advertisement. This would give the public a better picture of what speed cameras are and what are its uses.

Another concern I have is regarding the system in which drivers are being notified of the penalties they have incurred while driving. Authorities should look at the best alternative method to notify drivers of their penalties. There is another question in my mind as to how drivers using rental cars are being penalised for their infringements.

I also believe that locations of cameras should be changed periodically because we are living in the 21st century and through Government's support, every child is moulded with intelligence and drivers will act smart by keeping to speed limits within the camera zones and speed elsewhere.

Nonetheless, there is more work to be done on the speed camera initiative. Relevant authorities should relook at its conduct when dealing with such matters.

We should move with technology and I thank the authorities for doing so because it decreases human effort and boosts the country's technology.

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