| Friday, August 11, 2017

Sad story

Accidents do happen, but involving innocent lives is unacceptable. We can dictate what should have been done, but in the end it's all about accepting the circumstances. Reading about the incident that happened in Lautoka just left my heart pounding heavily and fighting for the lives of those children, especially when they were screaming for help. It continued with the wailing then ended with silence. Just created the inner feeling of sorrow, compassion and sympathy. However, this event will never be forgotten and my sincere condolences go to the family and friends of loved ones who lost their lives in this tragedy. My best wishes and my prayer that God's guidance to be with us all in these difficult times and may this be a learning experience to be proactive and cautious at all times.

Jerry Sauqaqa


Rest rooms or toilets

I have not been able to figure out why they call toilets rest rooms.

Sukha Singh


Litter problem

Thank you The Fiji Times for keeping Fijians reminded about our litter problem in Fiji. Kindly request that the pictures of rubbish sites, all over Fiji be published each day as a constant reminder of poor decision making at all levels of our society, in particular the failure of our tax-funded authorities to come up with solutions.

Kiniviliame Keteca


Mighty Blues

The waiting game will be over this weekend for the Blues as they will be winning the Vodafone Premier League again after eight years. This is a repeat of a similar record in 2009 where the Blues qualified for the O'League and won the national league with 16 wins, one draw and one match on hand. This year the Blues have a record of 10 wins, one draw and three matches in hand. Calling all the Blues' fans to be at Churchill Park on Sunday to celebrate the win.

Rudra Deo


Security system

Why couldn't the border security identify these so-called "thieves" and take action? Do we have a 100 per cent guarantee that they will do a good job in monitoring cases worse than this, especially those who fall off their radar of detection? So if these individuals create chaos and disorder in this nation, who are we to blame?

Iliesa Moceituba


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