School holidays

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu | Friday, August 11, 2017
The academic second term of the school year comes to an end today. After 14 strenuous weeks of coverage, teaching and learning, students and teachers will go for a well-deserved vacation. The second term was not only allocated to teaching and learning, but our students were exposed to various co-curricular activities as part of holistic learning.

Sports, the Kula Film, school-based oratory contests, quiz competitions, character parade and role plays took up some learning time, but I am confident that our students would have achieved a lot by taking part in these co-curricular activities. I must, at this juncture, acknowledge the efforts of the teachers and students for all the work done. The Fiji Times Kaila! newspaper tried its level best to cover as many school-based activities as it could. The hardworking crew of our number one newspaper including Siteri, Geraldine, Matilda, Sikeli, Sophie, Elenoa and Fisi'iahi must be commended for all the beautiful, emotional and heart-wrenching stories and wonderful pictures. The Kaila! newspaper kept us abreast with what our future leaders were doing in their various schools. The Kaila! newspaper has grown with a lot of readers, including the children, their parents and guardians, and adults who love reading. The Kaila! newspaper covered sports, academic and co-curricular activities in term two pretty well.

Now that our students will be at home, it is important that parental supervision is carried out well.

Normally during the holidays we hear of incidents related to fire, road accidents and drowning. Hence, I plead with every parent to take precautionary measures to protect the children under their care and watchful eyes. With climax building up to the Deans final and other sporting activities and the Hibiscus Festival, it is imperative to note who our children hang-out with and where are they at a certain time. I wish our teachers and children a safe but eventful school break.

Finally, it is important to ensure that our children devote some time to their school work. Hip hip hooray, it's the holidays!

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