The mother of all festivals

Spencer Robinson, Suva | Friday, August 11, 2017
THE much-anticipated Hibiscus 2017, considered as the mother of all festivals, has began.
One of the floats at 2016 Vodafone Hibiscus.Picture File
One of the floats at 2016 Vodafone Hibiscus.Picture File

This annual event is one never to be missed because there are numerous activities, dance showcase, food and other merchandise stalls just to name a few.

However, to others the Hibiscus is perhaps a meeting place for friends and families to enjoy what the event has to offer for the week.

It is also a time for students to take a much-needed break from the confines of class-room learning.

While the anticipation to be part of this glorious event is high, it is paramount that parents and guardians exercise vigilance in the care for their children.

There are high chances that our children will engage in mischievous activities such as the common drug and alcohol abuse.

Parental guidance is very important to ensure that our children are protected from these intolerable activities.

Apart from this, the high rate of home robberies is prominent, especially during the week of the Hibiscus Festival.

The mass movement of people from Suva and Nausori to be part of the annual event provides an opportune time for robbers to strike their homes.

Hence, it is advisable that our homes and flats are not abandoned to these nocturnal robbers, but for some family members to be at home for the purpose of security.

After all, the Hibiscus will be live on our local television station, so those family members providing security to our homes and flats won't be left out.

But again who wouldn't want to miss the festival!

It's better to have turns attending the event then to have our homes and flats robbed.

Let us all have a great week ahead while at the same time being vigilant and responsible citizens ensuring that we have civic pride by not littering our "environment".

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