Time for the school holidays

Fred Wesley | Friday, August 11, 2017
TODAY schools around the country close their doors for the next two weeks as students put aside their books for a break from the classroom.
Fred Wesley. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU
Fred Wesley. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

A number of sporting events involving high school students are scheduled for this weekend and over the course of the two weeks.

For thousands of people around the country, while there will be interest hovering on the sporting events, the Capital City is the place to be for the annual Hibiscus Festival.

Tomorrow the festival gets underway with a march to Laucala starting at mid-day.

Tomorrow is also when the cream of the crop of high school ruggers will converge on the national stadium for the finals of the Deans Trophy competition in the under 14 grade through to the under 19s.

As parents and guardians, perhaps it is an opportune time for us to relook at our priorities and what we can do to ensure our children are safe over the holiday period and are prepared for the start of the new school term. How we plan the next two weeks for them is important.

Sceptics will probably insist the next two weeks should be about giving childhood back to our children, while embracing the need to stay focused on education.

One thing is certain. We have time on our side. Children have two weeks that they will be out of school.

We can either make the two weeks interesting and a learning experience for them, or we can just it let it fly by.

Why can't we allow our children to explore and play, grow strong physically, emotionally and intellectually?

There will be differing opinions on what constitutes a fair holiday program for our children.

We still have a lot to learn about balancing education and allowing our children to enjoy childhood.

Surely there are things such as learning a new language, joining a sports club perhaps, learning to swim maybe, or devoting time to some reading for starters.

There are places to visit if you have the time, and for people in the Capital City and surrounding areas, there are places such as the museum to visit for instance.

Then there is the bit about devoting some time perhaps to revising work from the second term in readiness for the final term of school.

Surely parents and guardians around the country can figure out ways to keep their children engaged over the next two weeks.

Let's be vigilant though when it comes to safety issues concerning our charges.

Let's be alert when on family outings to the many beaches we are blessed with around the country, to the rivers and the pools.

If you plan to be on the road, plan to arrive safely at your destination.

Let's keep a tab on where our children are.

Parental obligation and responsibility are important.

Let us be proactive and vigilant.

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