Horrible reality

Kositatino Tikomaibolatagane, Toquru, Navua | Thursday, August 10, 2017

Reading the report of five lives lost on Sunday from a blaze, The Fiji Times (08/08), was heart breaking and to be frank, whether one is related to them or not, he/she will definitely be touched by reading such a horrible reality.

Even though the fire may be the main cause of death, however, one cannot deny the overwhelming reality — according to people who witnessed it — that the main contributing factor to the fatalities were the burglar bars which were in place to protect the household from home invasions and theft.

To simply word it, the bars that were set to protect have become the main contributing cause of death.

Now there are a few suggestions given to the public by NFA when securing their houses in such a manner and they are; install burglar bars that are easily removed when there is a fire, map out escape plans and discuss with family members exit routes in case of a fire and install smoke detector to warn family about the fire.

Furthermore, Mr Chaudhry in his response regarding the tragic incident said, "Addressing the nation's crime rate is the only way to effectively eradicate issues surrounding burglar bars and safety hazard they create". (FT 09/08)

I sincerely believe that this statement by Mr Chaudhry is unrealistic if we do not tackle the very root cause of criminal activities and one of the many is the unequal distribution of wealth among the people in our beloved nation.

I sincerely believe that today our values are shifting from communal wellness to individual wellness because of wealth that we put ourselves in cages while we let animals that were supposed to be in cages go free.

I simply raise this to somehow give us, the citizens of Fiji, an awakening call so we may restore the values of our cultures and traditions in respecting one another and the well- being of everyone which may help reduce or eradicate crime and instil confidence and safety in the people and live freely among themselves without cages.

Nevertheless, my sincere condolences to the families of the five and may they rest in peace.

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