LTA policy

Grahame Stageman, Lami | Monday, June 19, 2017
ON Sunday, June 18, an article was run in a main TV station online news that the LTA revised its "Show cause" policy in place to deal with habitual offenders as of May this year .

From its explanation it suggests that a driver can commit 15 traffic offences "of any nature" within three years before they will be summoned for "Show cause". At a "Show cause" hearing for habitual offenders the driver is allowed to explain why they should not have their licences suspended or cancelled.

Does this mean that a driver can be caught by the LTA or police committing 15 offences that could all consist of serious speeding or dangerous driving before suspension or cancellation is even considered?

I thought in Fiji there was a move by the LTA to improve road safety and decrease road deaths, or was the article incorrect?

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