Teenage pregnancy

Kositatino, Tikomaibolatagane, Toquru, Navua | Sunday, June 18, 2017

I do agree with the Minister for Education when he said "the teenage pregnancy issue in the country is a social issue" as he was responding to the revelation of data about the number of pregnancies in primary and secondary schools in 2016 (FT 16/07).

However, what I would like to further analyse are the causes of this social issue.

We live in an era wherein systems and structures are introduced to enhance development and economic growth, which focus more on wealth and materialism rather than the people, hence as growth is boosted, our society has deteriorated socially and many social illnesses surface.

Teenage pregnancy is just one of the many, therefore, it is not only a social issue but very much linked to economic and political issues.

I had shed light on the issue of the healthy living curriculum, which the minister is talking about as a measure in preventing this social issue.

However, I would prefer religion classes to be reintroduced in schools rather than this healthy living curriculum that teaches things like "ejaculation" and "orgasms".

Moreover, he further blames people in society who are corrupt and try to take advantage of our children. However, many of these pregnancies mentioned happened among the pupils themselves.

He further said, "We are regularly talking to our children through school assemblies and the form teachers. We hope this issue will come to zero in the future."

Well, during my young days in school we also had regular school assemblies and form teachers continuously talked to us just as today. Nevertheless, this social issue just keeps increasing.

How then can we hope that it comes to zero in the near future?

I believe that unless we review our systems, structures and our values, we will expect the number of teenage pregnancies among schoolchildren to keep on rising no matter how often you regularly talk to them during assemblies and in class.

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