Road works schedule

Allen Lockington, Lautoka | Sunday, June 18, 2017

Here is a thought.

When roadworks need to be done on busy streets in towns or cities, how about doing it when traffic is less. I am talking about the CBD area.

I was caught in a traffic jam in Lautoka at midday Monday 12/6 because of roadworks. Many drivers on the other lane tooted their horn asking to go past me, I allowed them to.

One driver came up parallel to my car and asked, "Bro, can I go ahead please."

Sadly vehicles behind me tooted to ask why I gave way. Everybody is in a rush.

Anyway, the problem I see is that vehicles caught in these traffic jams speed to their destination soon as they get out of the jam.

This is dangerous.

LTA tells us that one of the biggest causes of road accidents is speeding.

So to the people who work on repairing our roads, I appreciate what you are doing.

It's necessary but I know you have engineers who can plan the best times to do the work.

If you say that you can't work at night, get floodlights.

If you say you will have to pay workers overtime, pay it.

Your expense is so much less than the combined expenses that hundreds of motorists have to bear when they are late for meetings, taxis having to wait, and there are the buses, their schedule is upset. And imagine the fuel that is consumed idling along in the jam.

I was also thinking of an ambulance or a fire truck if they had to come that way. There are so many other factors involved.

The words "any inconvenience caused is regretted" is not an issue.

Find better solutions. And it's also an overused expression.

Oh, and not to mention the high blood pressure that people go through.

I won't talk about the many curses, that's another story.

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