Take a stand, fight crime

Geraldine Panapasa | Sunday, June 18, 2017
POLICE are taking a tough stand on serious crimes after noting an increase in criminal activities in the greater Suva area.

On Page 3 today, we are told by police chief of operations, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Rusiate Tudravu that they will come down hard on those involved in serious crimes including home invasions.

While statistics are yet to be released regarding the number and prevalence of serious crimes in certain parts of Suva, the issue will certainly raise alert levels in the community especially when it comes to the safety and security of one's property and of course, family members.

For many people, their home is a safe haven, a place where they can feel at ease and at peace. It is a place of comfort for some and a personal space for others where domestic affections are expressed and shared.

But that happiness soon turns to fear, anger and even frustration when they fall victim to a home invasion. When the criminal activities such as home invasions are frequent and in this case, increasing, it will definitely raise eyebrows about the values or the lack thereof in society.

Moral values help us differentiate between right and wrong, and growing up in a traditional setting, most people are taught these values at home, school, in the community and through their religion.

Values such as respect, honesty, fairness, compassion, integrity, self-control and kindness form the basis of our character and personality. It shows in the way we speak, our actions and attitudes toward each other.

The breakdown of these values in society will place the spotlight yet again on the root causes of those criminal activities, touching on social ills and factors that may give rise to these trends.

It will focus on the resources and manpower of the authorities to monitor these activities, and it will definitely shed some light on who is to blame for the way these perpetrators behave.

It will question the role and responsibility of active policing in the community, not just by police officers but everyone in the community.

Time and again, police have urged members of the public to work with them to curb these concerning trends. This means making it your business to ensure the community you live in is safe not just for you and your family but for others around you.

It means helping police and authorities make the community and Fiji a safe country.

Although it is comforting to learn through ACP Tudravu that police are taking this issue seriously and have set up a taskforce to monitor these activities, we can all play a part in community policing by making it our business to keep a close watch on illegal crimes and report any suspicious activity or persons to police.

We may not be able to put a complete stop to this crime but we can ensure the tomorrows for our children, our family and our neighbours will be one day safer than the day before.

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