Cold weather

Tomasi Boginiso, Nepani, Nasinu | Saturday, June 17, 2017

FIJI is witnessing a very cold front, especially in the evenings.

Compared with the past years it should be colder and it looks like we have to find extra ways of getting warm.

While some say that kava tastes much better at this point of time, while some say that they sleep more in this period and, in some cases, the showers are hardly used.

In some parts of the world people die because they do not keep them warm enough, especially the children, and we should clearly remember this … our children should be dressed accordingly so they don't catch a cold.

Trees are supposed to grow to its outmost best and the air very dry and windy at times, while it's good time to have daily walks and exercise in order to keep you warm and blood circulation.

Island residents might not feel the cool air because of the surroundings, but at certain times they would feel it coming.

Keep warm in the best possible way.

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