Healthy living education

Kositatino Tikomaibolatagane, Toquru, Navua | Saturday, June 17, 2017

I thank Akanisi Dawainavesi for her response letter to The Fiji Times 16/06, with regard to my concern on Health Living education, wherein, I was raising some of the contents of the book which are directly related to sex and I wonder whether she had read my first letter in relation to this topic in The Fiji Times 13/06.

I now realise that the Health Living education covers a wide range of topics. However, I looked into the first few pages of the textbook, that are still in use in the school which my daughter attends, words such as ejaculation, orgasms are boldly highlighted with some detailed information and questions like "how many semen are released in an orgasm?", "what is ejaculation?" and so forth are being asked.

Now even though sex may not have been taught, as Mrs Dawainavesi mentioned, the terms highlighted above are directly linked to sex and if children are curious, which they are, to know more about these words and just simply google it through the internet, they will be directly led to the act of sex itself.

I agree with her anyway that parents should prepare their children to develop practical skills, for I do that as well. Nevertheless, there are some life skills that need not be taught for it comes with age, as I mentioned in my first letter 13/06, and sex is one of them.

I would not dare talk about ejaculation, orgasms, etc., with my children even though, I make them aware of the changes they would expect when reaching puberty, especially with my 13-year-old daughter.

Furthermore, to me, Mrs Dawainavesi sounded like Mrs Margaret Thatcher in her undisguised goal was the value of individual's responsibility and the downgrading of those of collectivism when she said, "I do not depend on the community to shape my values...", this led to the individualisation of society wherein these changes in social attitudes have their roots in growing individualism.

I believe there are societal values, community values that are guiding principles to the values I adhere to, for the common good and communal wellness of everyone.

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