| Saturday, June 17, 2017

Speedy drivers

I wonder if the LTA is progressively thinking of installing a speed camera along Grantham Rd between Sardar Supermarket and the Raiwaqa Police Station. I sit in my office every day from Monday to Friday and watch cars zooming past at excessive speed. The other day I witnessed two brand new Prius speeding in what looked like a car race. This is a daily experience here and hopefully the LTA could do something about it before we lose another precious life.

Epironi Toloi


Rakiraki mill

Has a feasibility study on the possibility of introducing the portable mill concept in Rakiraki been taken into consideration?

Dan Urai


Public notice

On Wednesday (14/06) at 5.29pm I received a text message from WAF of "water disruption in Nausori from Wainibokasi to Kasavu and Rewa depot area until further notice. Please store and use water wisely". Guess what? Water was already down way before I received the text message! It would be much appreciated if future notifications are given in advance as untimely notification doesn't make sense.

Shamal Chand

Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori

Bus relief

Hopefully long overdue e-ticketing, when finally implemented, will also give much relief to the bus drivers to present their transparent daily income to the bus owners. This will also be more convenient for passengers to pay with cards rather than cash. If it suits the public then we can anticipate fewer cars on the roads with less road accidents. Safe travel on buses is a driver's responsibility.

Tahir Ali

Hamilton, New Zealand

Battle cry

Could the FRU change its battle cry Bring the Fight, wear White. I feel it promotes violence rather than rugby.

It would have been better to engage the public in getting their opinion. If they did, mine would be Toso Viti.

Jonas Bradburgh


Total support

Come what may, I will always support the Fiji team. Good luck in the game against Italy boys!

Joeli Naleca


LOL talk

TBH, my son, who is in Year 2, FYI thinks that LOL means lollipop and BFF means beef. IMO, this is because he is still learning phonics but IRL, PPL are writing this way and IDK what is correct and right now I can't stop SMH because that is TMI.


Rajesh Lal


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