Traffic lights

Shayal Shirtika Lakhan, Luvuluvu Rd, Nausori | Saturday, June 17, 2017

I believe the T-intersection at the new 9 miles complex is so busy that it's a perfect spot for an accident.

The list is really endless. However, I believe the LTA and police are not doing much to control it, especially on weekends when they should be there helping out.

Right now there is a new cinema and other shops will be opening there soon. This means more traffic.

This may cause some of the motorists to argue on whose turn it was, "get into another line of the queue" and "wait for your turn". Some people are not following the laws of LTA.

Can our Land Transport Authority of Fiji at least install a traffic light over there?

That area is going through major development. Something has to be done.

This might bring a lot of changes in that place.

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