Festival venue

David Sushil Lal, Malolo St, Lautoka | Saturday, June 17, 2017
Carnivals held at Churchill Park have done wonders to many needy, especially students through charity.

Also much entertainment is provided to those in Lautoka.

Problems arise with traffic jams from all angles with after school students and workers squeezing into the city main finding their way out during these events.

Until almost midnight, the unbearable noise pollution from the sound system caused disturbance to the population residing in the Lautoka CBD and alongside it.

I request the organisers to host all carnivals at Nadovu Park.

I believe the highway alongside Nadovu Park will ease the flow of traffic towards Lautoka City and onwards towards Nadi.

Also the streets and roads leading to suburban and rural areas of Lautoka will cater for extremely easy flow of traffic for many hundreds gathering at carnivals.

Furthermore, I request Lautoka City Council to seriously look into the stench which lasts for several weeks from the residue after preparing rice and cassava at festival stalls.

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