Sex education

Akanisi Dawainavesi, Suva | Friday, June 16, 2017
I refer to Mr Tikomaibolatagane's letter dated June 14 sharing his views on sex education.

Thank you so much for bringing up such an essential topic into the public sphere for open discussions.

Although, I am afraid that you may have been misled because sex is not being taught at schools but rather Family Life Education (FLE) which is a life skills and gender-based curriculum. This covers a wide range of topics: reproductive health; sexuality; family life; relationships; family planning; STI prevention; responsible parenthood; life skills; gender-based violence; mental health; and substance abuse.

I don't know about other parents, but I would much rather prepare my children to develop practical skills enabling them to deal with life issues and yes hopefully attain skills and knowledge to prevent getting pregnant in their teen years.

Ultimately it is about prevention and the acquisition of practical life skills. The earlier the better, therefore I thank the Ministry of Education for delivery of this curriculum within the health sciences and in fact encourage the strengthening of this topic because it ought to be parents responsibility first and foremost and then reinforced at schools.

Societal values begin with me, communal wellness begins with me the individual. I do not depend on the community to shape my values, in fact I hope that it is mine and the collective values of others in my community that lend to a mutually caring compassionate, just and respectful community.

Daily witness to the preventable poverty, struggle of women as well as child neglect in my own iTaukei communities, the greatest virtue of all — love — is what strongly compels me to openly share on any topic of great consequence.

Yes sometimes sex is included. It is how and why I share this knowledge and not the content that matters.

I have way too much respect for the sanctity of human life lived with dignity, especially women and children, to ever feel ashamed of bringing up such topics.

So once again thank you to Mr Tikomaibolatagane and the many other individuals that regularly write in because it is such an important topic.

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