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| Friday, June 16, 2017
Butter price

WE refer to Donald Singh's letter on Butter price published in The Fiji Times on June 15, 2017.

We advise that Rewa butter and Jubilee butter are price-controlled items and any increase or decrease in prices is determined by the Fiji Commerce Commission and not the Consumer Council of Fiji.

Premila Kumar

CEO Consumer Council of Fiji

Fuel price

AFTER the last fuel price increase the cost of crude price has been going down and at present it is below $US45 ($F92) per barrel.

The good news is that in the next review we expect to have more than 10 cents per litre drop in our fuel cost.

Nardeo Mishra


Cricket final

I WOULD like to congratulate Pakistan for beating England and reaching the final and will meet the winner of India and Bangladesh. Whoever wins the semi and reaches this World Cricket final and wins the Cup will not make much difference to me since I consider India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were all parts of the same country

Sukha Singh


Traffic jam

JUST a suggestion to the Fiji Roads Authority, why don't we use three lanes from Nausori to Suva in the morning and do all the necessary adjustments, like lights, cones, etc from 6am to 9am.

My traffic count at the Nakasi roundabout stands at about 10-20 vehicles per minute.

At PM you do the reverse and build a lane, not necessarily a sealed one just a gravelled one to serve the Nausori to Naulu traffic. Worth a try.

Joe Matatolu

Waila 3A


BEEN there, done it. Is the above really going to work?

There is a possibility of people losing the cards every now and than.

What will happen in such a situation? I really think again this will be in the pattern and will fade away slowly.

Well, if it does, good for the country and the people specially for those who are implementing it.

Not that it matters to us, but some bus drivers are really going to frown.

Let's be realistic.

Kirti Patel


TI Fiji

IF memory serves me, an organisation known as Transparency International operated in Fiji. Just wondering if it still exists and questioning issues of grave concern to citizens of Fiji.

Vijay S. Nand

Samabula, Suva

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