Fiji 15s rugby

Epeli Rabua, Tamavua, Suva | Friday, June 16, 2017
THE Flying Fijians 15s team has never, at any time, been this good with the current crop of players.

With almost all of them plying their rugby trade in Tier 1 nations in Europe and coupled with the natural Fijian flair for flamboyance in the unexpected off-loads and free running rugby, they can, if given licence by their coaches, will literally fly.

They have the size in the forwards to hold their own in scrums, mauls and line-outs and we have a young backline with a sprinkling of old hands for guidance to create havoc against any rugby team in the world.

However, with all this raw talent and energy, there are a lot of issues going against the team.

Firstly, they must have faith in themselves as individuals and players. They should communicate with each other on every play they are doing or will do in all phases of the game.

They must never ever feel inferior. They must claim that they have a right to be in the field of play and perform like they own the ground they are playing on.

Our earlier Fijian rugby executives had the right idea when they included a Fijian chief to give a pep-talk to the players before a game.

As usual, Fiji's god-given chiefs would always have the right words to say to light the spark that would transcend the Fijian 15s players on a tireless effort on the rugby field.

And they must never revert to the spectacular rubbish of chip kicks, running without backup and being greedy by trying to crash through tough defences.

I believe Matawalu and Vulivuli are two who have been guilty of playing to the crowd. Fiji 15s rugby is known worldwide for free-flowing rugby. Release the 15 men for the 80 minutes and see how 15s rugby should be played when it is enjoyed.

And if our rugby 15s players can do this, we can quote the great Roman General Marc Anthony who said: "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war…"!

Toso Viti — We believe we will win!

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