Sex education clarification

Vimlesh Chand, Ministry Of Education, Suva | Thursday, June 15, 2017
This letter is in response to Kositatino Tikomaibolatagane correspondence on sex education (FT 09/06/17). The Ministry of Education wishes to emphasise that the Healthy Living textbooks were reviewed in 2015 due to concerns from some stakeholders.

Contents considered sensitive, including the one mentioned in the correspondence, were removed resulting in the revised Healthy Living textbooks. The new version was printed and distributed to all the primary schools at the beginning of 2016 to replace the old textbooks.

The schools were also advised to shelve the old textbooks. The new version is also available from the Ministry website ( The undesired case described in this correspondence may have resulted from a situation whereby an old textbook might have been reused by a school. The ministry will remind schools to refrain from using the old textbooks and request for the revised copies in case of a shortage.

The ministry appreciates stakeholder feedback on its resources as it endeavours to provide quality education to the children of Fiji.

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