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| Thursday, June 15, 2017


I read with great delight in The Fiji Times the encouraging insight by Archbishop Peter Loy on how Catholic teachers can improve teaching skills.

I agree when he suggested that parents should support teachers. Can he also ask the grandparents too? There is a prominent Catholic school that I know of that has this grandparent who is always complaining about teachers of that school. He was a catholic teacher too by the way. He really demoralises the efforts of teachers in that school.

Leone Gonedau




I believe there are 32,000 civil servants. How many are happy with three-year contracts dished out by the reform.

Dan Urai



a day

Wouldn't it be nice to travel around the world and get a travelling allowance of $3000 a day?

Inoke Tuirara

Maumi, Bau, Tailevu



Everybody's talking about "climate change" these days but we seldom get the same attention for the rubbish that floats on our oceans and spoils the image of our shoreline. One just needs to take a walk along it to see the impact. This is our beloved nation, for crying out loud, and it is everyone's responsibility to maintain and keep it clean.

It is as simple as putting our rubbish in the bin. I truly believe that it is about time to train and have our own environmental police unit to monitor and tackle this problem. It can be done!

M S Kaleca




Why didn't any of the free-to-air channel televise the live coverage of the Fiji-Wallabies match? Especially FBC TV.

Wise Muavono

Balawa, Lautoka



So who decides the price of butter? Is the Consumer Council of Fiji or Commerce Commission sleeping? It's half-way in 2017!

At least give us a buttered explanation for the price hike! We may just fall for it.

Donald Singh




I believe FEA technicians must really be making good overtime these days. I am just waiting for the day when a competitor will enter this market and, hey, emergency lines need to be answered within seconds.

Ashis Kumar


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