Shocking stats

Lawrence Wara, Suva | Thursday, June 15, 2017
The heading of FT 13/06 "Teen mum alert" was really shocking and as I've said before, the three legged stool must be enacted where we have the church, the Government and the vanua all coming together to tackle this issue.

One thing that I can say off the top of my head is to have parents give more time to their children, as they have way more access to things we did not have back in our days.

Let's cut down the socialising or better still if we plan family, church or even vanua functions, let's also have something for the children not just meke and singing competitions but to keep them occupied while the older folks socialise.

Let's include them and keep them within sights because the stats show that a percentage of those who got pregnant were below 15 years old is really shocking.

Come on Fiji, wake up, don't let progress hoodwink you, de o qai kida mai o sa bera. Don't blame the child, support her and her baby, what has happened, has happened, let's move forward and learn from our mistakes.

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