Long pipe

Vijay Maharaj, Sydney, Australia | Thursday, June 15, 2017
Allen Lockington of Lautoka is a regular writer in this column.

I always love reading his contributions that cover a wide range of topics.

A sense of humour is always there but his latest one on this above topic (F/T 13/06) takes the cake.

I just couldn't hold my laughter and shared this with other family members here in Sydney.

This one line article has a lot of meaning for all those who have been following the delay in municipal elections. Thank you Allen.

Also in yesterday's The Fiji Times (14/06) the chief executive officer of Citizens Constitutional Forum (CCF) Biu Mataitawakilai gave his opinion on the value of having elected mayors to run the affairs of local councils.

There is no reason whatsoever for delaying so much and this may have some adverse effect on the coming general election.

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