How much longer

Grahame Stageman, Lami | Wednesday, June 14, 2017
For how much longer are the Lami police and council going to allow a shop premises forecourt and the adjacent main road crossroads verges to be used as a drinking venue for staggering, bellowing drunks day and night?

For how much longer are small schoolchildren when congregating in the morning in large numbers to catch their bus at the same location going to have to witness this behaviour?

For how much longer will we be lucky that one of the cars on the main road that has had to slam its brakes to avoid the brawling drunks does not skid into these waiting schoolchildren?

For how much longer do we have to wait for some effective proactive action from the authorities to tackle this well-known problem?

Or are the authorities happy that the drunken behaviour, its consequences to those in the area and the impression this gives young children and passing motorists acceptable? I'm sure it would not be allowed to happen near Lami Police Station.

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