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| Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Good game boys against Australia even though we didn't make it on the scoreboard as much. It was quite a game with a few mistakes and all which can be rectified, tidied up. We'd do better next time around. We live and learn from our mistakes and take nothing away from the winning team. They deserved the win which leaves us Fiji to try harder next time. Vinaka boys it's all part and parcel of a game, so heads up, another game coming up this week. We have to be in it all the way to the score line to win, 80 minutes let's do this with style Fiji. Vinaka, toso Viti, toso.

Richard M Abel

Samabula, Suva



I believe such a decision (NZ seasonal workers) can only be made through a non-democratic system where a whole village is punished for the wrongs of a few.

Dan Urai


$240m in

10 years

The revelation by Fiji Sugar Corporation's chairman of the board, Vishnu Mohan, that $240 million was spent on canegrowers over 10 years is not only interesting but in need of further clarification. Can FSC please explain in detail what they spent the $240 million on? For that would be an average of $24 million a year or $2 million a month for 10 years?

Simon Hazelman




It took her three years of dedication and hard work to complete her degree in nursing. But it will take her 11 years to pay off her scholarship from TELS. That's almost a third of her working career. Whew!

Joeli Naleca




Dear Fiji TV, I love your TV programs and I'm so happy you've finally fixed your sound issues. Can you now please keep track of which episodes you've already aired because episodes have been repeated more than once now of different shows like Black-ish when it was on, Fresh and Grey's Anatomy, these are the ones I've noticed because I follow these shows. Thank you and hope this doesn't happen anymore because I wait a whole week for a new episode only to watch the same thing again.

Bettylyn Matakitoga

Vatuwaqa, Suva



IN the capitalist arena advertisement is a methodical web on the public while expert entertainment is a form of enticement in the political sphere. Happy campaigning to all political parties!


Samabula, Suva

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