Awesome institution

Spencer N. Robinson, Suva | Wednesday, June 14, 2017
I AM indeed proud to be a former student of this awesome institution.

All Saints Secondary School, which is within close proximity to Labasa Town, known to be (and always will be) the "friendly north".

The institution has nurtured so many bright minds and sportsmen and has contributed to Fiji's socioeconomic development in one way or the other.

Over the years, former students have mooted the idea of an ex-scholars association until its establishments (via Facebook), but over time this initiative and purpose faded gradually.

The management of such association is not an easy task but I believe that collective hard work and perseverance will ensure the viability of such forum.

The former NBA superstar, Michael Jordan, once said that: "I have failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed."

It is critical at this point to understand that despite the challenges and obstacles, we must have the courage to stand-up and keep aiming for success.

Hence, I would like to commend the invaluable efforts and contributions made by the executives and members of the AllSaints ExScholars (Facebook) in rejuvenating this association.

I encourage all former students of All Saints Secondary School in Fiji and around the globe to embrace teamwork and join the association in ensuring its viability and more importantly upholding the true spirit of love and unity.

Let us not forget our motto, "The Lord is my light", for our efforts to endeavour for a good course will for surely be a promising one.

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