A real survivor

Fred Wesley | Wednesday, June 14, 2017
SOMETIMES when we are left staring at a blank wall, there are moments in time that will serve as motivation for us to pick up the pieces and move on.

Many people see cancer in any form as a killer. There is a stigma attached to it.

It screams "death".

It inches out fear and an overwhelming sense of helplessness.

That is the harsh reality. But should that be the set notion or line of thought?

People like Kalini Seru are living testimony that life is full of interesting twists and turns. Even in the face of cancer, there are positive factors.

When all else appears to be lost, people like Mrs Seru stand up against the grain, serving as very strong reminders of the tenacity and resilience of the human spirit, and hope.

Sometimes in our moments of insecurity, fear and uncertainty will push us into a corner, as we reach out for any semblance of order and hope.

Mrs Seru enjoys life to the brim now.

She is a survivor!

She discovered a small lump on her left breast 16 years ago.

That was in 2000 and she realised that it grew bigger a few days later.

That was when she went to the hospital and was diagnosed with cancer.

It wasn't the end of the road though for her.

There was a critical element in her recovery. It centred on early detection.

She reckons it saved her life, that and her strong Christian beliefs.

In fact after surviving cancer, Mrs Seru had six more children.

Her days now are spent helping her husband provide for their eight children by selling farm produce at their small market at four miles in Nasinu.

Like many others, she admitted she was disheartened at first.

"Many of us when we are diagnosed with this disease, we lose hope because this disease, when we have it, we usually think we will die," Mrs Seru said.

She makes no bones about the need for women to shrug off the shackles of fear, and to visit a hospital at the first opportunity.

Her advice is for women to remove this mentality and present themselves early for a check-up.

She is living proof of the positive benefits of that line of thinking.

"I am lucky to have lived through it, and enjoy life with my eight children and husband now," she said.

When we are faced with obstacles that appear overwhelming, the advice is critical.

Her story should be motivation for us to all do the right thing.

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