Sex education

Kositatino Tikomaiboletagane, Toquru, Navua | Tuesday, June 13, 2017
AS a concerned parent, I am interested to know about the content of the health education given in primary schools.

This is after I was questioned by my innocent daughter about the meaning of "ejaculation".

I asked her what kind of question that was and she responded that it was an answer to one of the questions asked in her health education exam paper. I looked to my wife and said: "Truly, this is the type of questions asked in exam papers?"

I believe our society has gone too far in trying to encourage families and schools to teach and talk about sex as a solution to sex-related problems.

I believe there are certain things in life that you do not have to teach a human being for it is part of human nature and it will automatically be discovered as a person grows into maturity, in other words, they come with age and sex is one of them.

I believe when you start teaching young minds about the subject, you are shaping their views and thoughts on the matter prematurely and I have no doubt that children would then try to experience what they learn at an early age and therefore, would lead to many sex-related problems which we want to get rid of in the first place.

I would request the Ministry of Education to review their health education curriculum, if not, they should give us parents the freedom of consent to choose whether we want our children to take up health education or not.

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