Road safety

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva | Tuesday, June 13, 2017
My wife and I stood on the BSP building side of Central St, Suva, opposite the Westpac Bank waiting for the light to turn red and for the "cross now signal" to come on.

As we stood there, my other half whispered softly, "Just look at these pedestrians blatantly disregarding the traffic signs and crossing the road willy nilly without any care in the world!"

What got me to write this letter was the scene we saw next, which kind of just made us speechless with surprise.

An elderly lady was being escorted by a younger woman, helping her to cross safely to our side.

This young woman did not wait for the lights to turn red before the cross sign comes on, but she just did what every other Fijian pedestrians were doing, jay-walking or disregarding the traffic signs.

I take my hat off to the patient driver who had to wait for these two jaywalkers to cross the road before driving away.

From personal observation, it seems that all the road safety campaigns and keep Suva/Fiji clean seems to be falling on deaf ears.

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