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| Monday, June 12, 2017
Pay increase

Some of the political parties and trade unionists who are calling for $5 as minimum wages were in government at one time. I wonder why they didn't call for pay increase when they were in government?

Narayan Reddy


Political meet

Beware Allen ( FT/10/6/17) A large crowd attending a political meeting does not necessarily mean votes. Many candidates have been misled in the past.

Dan Urai


24-hr staff

It is good to see a company advertising to have a 24-hour pharmacist ( FT 10/6 ). This has been long overdue in Suva especially with the extended opening hours of health centres in the central division.

Korina Waibuta,

Knollys Street, Suva

Qatar report

Qatar is being isolated by its close Arabian neighbours for what they describe as a reliable funder of terrorists groups. Remember our troops in Golan Heights a few years back who were taken in by Syrian terrorists/ rebels? And guess what, Qatar, as was reported by media outlets, negotiated successfully for their release. Period.

Ilaitia Bose

Raojibhai Patel St, Suva

Rugby laws

It was interesting to note some of the referees' decisions in the game between the Crusaders and the Lions.

I thought the commentators bordered on saying that refs made the wrong decisions. But is it true that the Northern and Southern hemisphere refs have slightly different interpretations of the rugby laws? Please Kameli Rakoko your thoughts.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Traffic flow

With a bird's eye view amidst the busy traffic flow on four-lane roads in an Asian capital, I wondered when will the road planners in my country copy the similar structures to ensure minimal traffic disruption?

Dan Urai


Carnival money

So many people complain about being paid less, but the Farmers Carnival was full of people. I asked a few vendors if they were making money and they replied, "oh yeah, otherwise I wouldn't be here".

Narayan Reddy


Both sides

I refer to Sukha Singh ( F/T 3/6 ). So Mr Singh you have seen both sides of the coin, now you can be on the lookout.

Hassan Ali

Vitogo Parade, Lautoka

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