Good Samaritans

Allen Lockington,Lautoka | Sunday, June 11, 2017
There are many times when I am filled with love and affection when doing charity work.

Once again this has happened when I read (ST 4/6) about the couple, Neomai and Joeli Uluilakeba.

I quote, "Without any form of assistance or sponsorship Neomai and Joeli Uluilakeba opened the doors of their home to about 40 youths who they look after.

"Apart from her nine children, Vaturova native Neomai has taken it as her motherly role to look after the youths from her village who have nowhere else to stay."

Mrs Uluilakeba said the youths always visited her and her husband in Savusavu.

"And many of them had chosen to stay back, refusing to return to the village," she said.

"In an effort to put food in the mouths of these youths my husband and I have started income generating projects using the talents that these youths have."

I sincerely hope that via this article there will be more people who will be willing to assist the couple.

You know what, Fiji is still full of kind-hearted people who do good and never expect things in return.

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