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| Saturday, June 10, 2017
Soccer support

I can surely say that Fiji soccer is improving. I am sure if we continue this way, very soon Fiji will be winning against Australia and New Zealand. Mr Patel and Mr Reddy, together with the coach, have been doing a lot of work to improve the soccer standard in Fiji. So let's get behind the team and support the bula boys as they play more international games.

Narayan Reddy


Mill profit

I believe Graham Clark is right, Rakiraki sugar mill has never made any profit and so have all the rest of them. I believe we have to get the Colonial Sugar Refinery Company back into Fiji. Every year the mill needs a government guaranteed loan in excess of $200 million. Sometimes I wish we had never become independent.

Sukha Singh


Extra mile

This field supervisor of Nausori Town (CBD) really does wonderful work when it comes to beautifying and cleaning Nausori Town.

He goes that extra mile carrying the knapsack and spade doing the work himself, helping other council workers instead of just pointing fingers on what all needs to be done.

This man who is also famous for his "red hair" and "cowboy hat" really deserves appreciation for all the hard work that he is doing.

Shamal Chand

Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori

Best wishes

While we will all be eagerly awaiting the result of the Test between the Flying Fijians and the Australian Wallabies, I wish to convey my very best wishes to our boys. Please stick to your game plan and play as a team guys. Best wishes!

Joeli Naleca


Traffic problem

Can the FRA speed up their work and ease the traffic congestion from Namaka to Martintar? As it is, most employers could fire people for being late on a daily basis.

Avitesh D. Kumar


You can do it

Looking forward to the Flying Fijians vs Wallabies game today. Come on boys! You can do it!

Simi Kuruvoli

Makoi, Nasinu

Great words

According to the PM, Fiji has embraced that no development must take place if there is a risk to the environment (FT/8/6/17). Great words but are they really following that principle?

Dan Urai


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