Parental concerns

Arun Prasad,Dilkusha, Nausori. | Saturday, June 10, 2017

I am not surprised by the parent's concern (F/T 9/6) regarding the contents of the Healthy Living textbook used in primary schools.

I had personally drawn the attention of the PS-E regarding the contents of textbooks, when a parent had raised a similar concern. Unfortunately, I have noticed no change.

I have made an effort to read Year 4 Healthy Living text book and in Unit 2, under "Types of changes in boys and girls," I noticed "voice gets deeper" and "anti-social behaviour" among others.

I beg to ask, "How many Year 4 students' voices get deeper?"

In Year 8 Family Living Text, Unit 1, under Physical change, the text contains, "boys testes will get larger during puberty".

I believe at that age we do not have to go into such details as our culture and classroom does not warrant that.

If that was not enough, the content further includes "boys will experience wet dreams during puberty".

I am at a loss on how a teacher is expected to explain to the boys and girls if an inquisitive child asks a teacher to give an example of "wet dreams".

I am pleading with the Ministry of Education to withdraw the said text books immediately. The concerns of the parents must be addressed. We are already facing students' deviant behaviour in the classrooms.

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