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| Friday, June 9, 2017
Faith, works

An initiative (FT 8/6) by a group of church youths to invest in farming to help its members is a positive move. When resources are available, let us utilise it. It is high time for church leaders to teach their unemployed and faithful members to help themselves with this kind of initiatives. (James 2: 26) "... faith without works is dead." Let us work our faith by tilling the land and stop the "kerekere syndrome".

Mesake Sivoinavatu


Flight directives

The fact that only one choice of newspaper is provided in Fiji Airways flights has created much controversy among travellers, bloggers, media organisations, the general public and even parliamentarians. We cannot mistreat the lovely crew members because, as for any other institution, I believe all directives come from the top of the organisational hierarchy. As for the civil aviation sector, who is at the pinnacle of it?

Inoke Tuirara

Maumi, Bau, Tailevu

Live on TV

I am looking forward to my favourite TV station FBC to televise live the rugby Test match between Fiji and Australia.

Toso Viti toso!

Zane Young


No creativity

I thank my favourite radio host Mr Ben for introducing Mr Puri to his morning shows. However, I believe Mr Puri has no appeal in his voice and at times, I feel he is copying Mr Lopo's way of talking. There is no imagination and creativity from him. I prefer Mr Ben and Mr Lopo.

Leone Gonedau


Fuel advice

Here is a small advice. If you own a car and fill fuel, do keep the receipts. When you fill from different service stations, compare the litres, especially when you fill $10 to $20, compare the litres. If you see a difference, contact me.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Happy teachers

Wow, teachers in Fiji are happy because of a pay increase. Hmm, water and words. Easy to pour, impossible to recover! God bless our hardworking teachers!

Joeli Naleca


Reading rewards

The reading program launched by the Minister for Education with 250 books to each primary school (FT 7/6/17) will reinforce teaching, learning process and improved literacy levels. I believe a lot more could be achieved if our school libraries are upgraded with teacher librarians. Parents should also be made aware of its significance by reading with children at home. Reading and storytelling is a family affair and is always rewarding.

Tahir Ali

Hamilton, New Zealand

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