Build bridges

Lawrence Wara,Suva | Friday, June 9, 2017

Just recently there was major roadworks on our corner of the patch just past Nabua where our roads team gave a contract to a company. Now when I was in my younger days before, we had two-lane roads.

I remember there used to be a small bridge connecting the small stream which flows from Nabua Village towards the mangrove swamps that used to be behind our house.

Sure at times, that portion of the road used to be flooded because of the amount of rubbish that was clogging up the waterway, but the road did not sink like it happened now.

Now lest we forget, as I had stated in one of my articles, water is the strongest of all the five elements.

I'd hope we would have learnt from our mistakes like in Kasavu and Lomaloma on Vanua Levu, we cannot control the flow of water, so wherever there is a river or stream, I suggest we build bridges over them, because little streams will turn into raging rivers especially with the change in weather patterns.

But hey, what do I know? Right! I'm just the common man who suffers because of the traffic jams caused by these works on our roads.

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