Estimated billing

Bobby Naimawi,Acting Ceo, Fea | Friday, June 9, 2017
We refer to a letter titled Estimated Billing published in The Fiji Times on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, under the section 'Your Fiji Your Voice', written by Premila Kumar, CEO Consumer Council.

We did state in our reply to Elimi Marawa's letter that the April bill was estimated and the May bill was read. Estimated billing is done when:

* we do not have access to read the meter; and

* when an unforeseen circumstance occurs beyond our control and the area needs to be estimated.

The domestic or commercial agreement that is signed during the time of connection clearly states that: "FEA will read the electricity meter regularly (every once a month or once in two months). In the month that the FEA cannot read the electricity meter it will estimate the reading by taking into account your average consumption in the previous month".

Therefore, the one month estimated bill for this customer was based on the average of past electricity consumption which is reasonable. Furthermore, FEA also made the effort to carry out an actual reading of the customer's meter in the following month.

In both the circumstances, the customer's bill needs to be paid since electricity has been consumed in the month that the estimation took place.

Should the customer feel the estimation is too high, then the customer can provide a reading and should it be lower than the estimated amount, the bill will be adjusted accordingly.

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