Police recruitment

Simon Hazelman,Savusavu | Thursday, June 8, 2017
I believe to label the police recruitment process discriminatory because recruits needed to hold a valid manual drivers licence is nothing but a very poor excuse for an argument! (FT:07/06).

If one cannot simply get a drivers' licence then one does not deserve to be in the police force!

Police officers are generally charged with the apprehension of criminals and the prevention and detection of crime, the protection and assistance of the general public and the maintenance of public order, so, it is absolutely necessary that recruitment standards are high enough for them to be able to carry out their duties well.

I believe eligibility requirements for a nation such as ours as such should in the least require that applicants:

• Have a valid driver's licence;

• Have the ability to swim;

• Are physically fit and accredited in self-defence;

• Have a clean criminal record;

• Pass a thorough medical examination including eyesight test;

• Have the ability to use sound judgement and solve problems;

• Have empathy and compassion;

• Be able to multi-task;

• Have the ability to demonstrate courage and take responsibility;

• Be assertive;

• Demonstrate integrity;

• Be a team player;

• Have the ability to collaborate; and

• Be a good listener and have the ability to communicate well in both written and oral English.

We should demand nothing less!

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