Our ocean

Tomasi Boginiso,Nepani, Nasinu | Thursday, June 8, 2017
Even before the planes landed in Fiji, the means of transport then was traveling by sea, to get from this part of the world to another was by sea, sports teams travelling abroad then took weeks to get to where they were getting to.

Apart from that most of the Fijian people rely on the ocean for their daily lives, food especially, despite the overfishing experience over the years, the ocean has never given up on us.

Everyone must have surely eaten something from the ocean one way or another and we should always remember that when we throw rubbish either on land or water, these affect everybody.

All this rubbish ends up in the ocean and we also eat from the ocean. So in simple terms you are also eating part of the rubbish that you throw away carelessly.

The Government of the day is fighting for our ocean in New York at this moment and hopefully the whole world co-operates and works together in preserving our ocean to its very best.

The only way we can help is to stop littering and always keep our rivers and ocean clean.

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