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| Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Why at 4pm

CAN Fiji FA please justify the reason for having Fiji's game at 4pm? They know people mostly work until 5 or 5.30pm at most so why host the game at 4pm? Poor planning again I guess? All the best for the game.

Moses Mani

Auckland, New Zealand

Soccer matches

IT'S so good to see international soccer matches in our country again. Growing up, we were blessed with so many international teams and clubs visiting our shores to play entertaining football with our national team. Many thanks to those at football house and our national soccer boys.

Wananavu guys.

Mesake Sivoinavatu


In control

There's no doubt that those who control the dollar control the direction we go, right?

Joeli Naleca


Bus service

THE Government has been providing us with public goods to use. The issue is that there is a bus shelter at McFarlane Rd at the roundabout. During rainy days, while passengers wait at the bus shelter, the driver, sometimes instead of reaching the roundabout, he just takes the road to Rakoroi. So passengers have to run all the way in the rain to catch the bus because the bus driver refuses to do so. Please bus drivers do have some courtesy for passengers.

Lolo Sisilia

Raiwai, Suva

$5 suggestion

I believe numerous articles and formula on a living wage have been articulated by The Fiji Times, Waden Narsey, Father Kevin Barr, FTUC and other NGOs have contributed towards. It's unfortunate my friend Reddy (FT/5/6/17) only reads short articles.

Dan Urai


Political parties

I believe it is now clear the 2018 election will be hotly contested between the ruling party, SODELPA and NFP. These are the three parties that are in Parliament and surely would continue on after 2018. With that in mind, it would be wise for other small parties and those planning to get registered in future to consider their options carefully and diligently. By the grace of God, it would be wise if they kindly withdraw from the 2018 race. The current election regulations just made it harder for small and new proposed parties to get into the mood. I believe proposed parties are finding it hard to collect the required 5000 signatories. That's the first hurdle and it can be most daunting for the so called small and new proposed parties. Watching the political developments over the recent weeks, I just can't wait for the 2018 poll.

Ilaitia Bose


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