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| Tuesday, June 6, 2017
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OH boy, US President Donald Trump was criticised heavily in the media by so many people. In doing so, people were just exercising their rights in saying whatever they want to say freely. I only wish I could do that too. Make America great again Mr President.

Joeli Naleca



TO me carpooling is just buying a car for show. Carpooling is also like keeping your car at home and going to work in a bus.

Sukha Singh


Minimum wage

THE minimum wage of $5 per hour touted by certain political parties has but one formula Narayan Reddy. You hire somebody to work for you. End of the week, pay the person for hours worked at $5 per hour. Gross total would be that. That's the formula mate. Simple!


Drasa Avenue, Lautoka

$5 an hour

Narayan Reddy claims some political parties are promising $5 an hour and wants the formula. Far from it all, formulas are worked out, he just has to wait for change as it is coming. Be part of the change for a better Fiji.

Vijay S. Nand

Samabula, Suva

Free service

WE often have doctors coming to Fiji from overseas volunteering their time free of charge. Many people have benefitted. How about our very own doctors doing the same, travelling around Fiji every so often to give free medical checks? I'm sure they can do it.

Allen Lockington

Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Penang mill

THERE you go. The Tebbutt-Times poll has conducted a very transparent survey based on a logical platform regarding the Penang mill. Is that still not enough to express the views of the people?

Inoke Tuirara

Maumi, Bau, Tailevu

Sevens praise

SAD as it may seem. The unfortunate fact is hardly will positive statements be given to a losing team. Praise is reserved for the winner.

Dan Urai


Dog licences

AFTER reading Dan Urai's letter on the above subject, I believe ministry officials are not collecting money for dog licences and visiting every house in Lautoka City for the simple reason that the city has got more strays then pet dogs. Nobody will pay for a licence for stray dogs.

Narayan Reddy


Can the Fiji Roads Authority please consider installing a speed camera along Ratu Dovi Road? Motorists are speeding.

Rizwaan Mohammed

Reba Circle, Nadera, Nasinu

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