A global issue

Kositatino Tikomaibolatagane, Toquru, Navua | Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Climate change is a global issue and people's response to such issue varies depending on how climate change is affecting them.

This issue is also quite a complicated one, for it is closely associated with developments and the sad truth is that humans at this rate in this globalised era cannot stop developing and so we should expect that destruction to our environment to continue.

Reflecting on our situation in Fiji regarding climate change, I believe people have to understand that out natural resources are our only hope when fighting against this issue and giving it away for developments like mining, deforestation, extractions and so forth would make us more vulnerable to climate change.

As I was reading The Fiji Times (30/05/17) an article titled Community shows mining frustration, attracted my attention for it demonstrated a very good example of how we should be bold enough to make our stand against big corporations and say no even if they sweet talk us to develop our resources.

In this case in the village of Noipe in the Solomon Islands' Temotu Province, they are strong enough to tell Mark Gwynne, the executive chairman of Pacific Bauxite, in their own words and I quote: "We don't need photos. We don't need mining and we do not need prospecting, that's all. Our land is our heritage, our future for our generations."

This bold response was said even when they were being told that education would be provided for their children, training for adults, as many developers would always lure resource owners by saying such things.

I sincerely believe that the response by the people of Noipe should all be our response, the resource owners of Fiji, if we really care for our future generations.

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