Plague of criticism

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam,Nadawa, Nasinu | Monday, June 5, 2017

Standing up to social media trolls, Jerry Tuwai openly described the pain the players went through reading the plague of criticism, foul language and swears lauded at them and their families on social media when Fiji lost a tournament or game (Sunday Times 04/06).

Jerry revealed that the pain of reading such degrading comments hurt the players, who shed silent tears during training.

He also talked about the sacrifice the players made in order to represent the national side and that some suffered injuries and were on medication as a result of the impact of the games.

I sympathise with Jerry, the players and management for the negative behaviour and foul language directed at them.

It's not easy to don the national jumper.

This is something we all know. Our players sacrifice so much to represent the country around the globe shedding blood and tears.

Yet, many of us sit comfortably around our TV sets and hurl abusive words when the players do not perform to our expectations.

I understand the frustrations of the fans but I am pleading with every individual to please respect the players, team management and their families.

To Jerry and the players, I offer my apologies to you and the team for I realise that sometimes, I am not a good loser and it takes some time before I accept that my team has lost.

Please accept my apologies and do forgive me for being a bad loser.

I have seen the glorious days of Rt Kiti Vesikula and Serevi.

I went through the pain of losing to the ABs in the HK 7s finals during the days of Lomu.

I have seen the days after the 2000 coup when our side got whipped by 7s giants. I celebrated the success of the Serevi-captained team which won two RWC's.

I had hope when the likes of Tanivula, Dere and the late Waqa coached our 7s side and we won titles.

I jumped with joy and shed tears when Ryan brought back our glory days, winning back to back WRSS title and the gold medal from Rio.

I have been with the team despite Baber winning only one tournament in the 2016-17 WRSS and trust me, I will continue to be and write about my team.

Thank you so much boys for your sacrifice.

Win or lose, full support for Fiji. Fiji, Fiji, Fiji all the way!

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