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| Monday, June 5, 2017

green waste

Can I know from the Nasinu Town Council why green waste has not been collected at Reba Circle area in Nadera? It's been about two months. I need answers as we pay for the rates.

Rizwaan Mohammed

Reba Circle, Nadera, Nasinu



I believe ministry officials are collecting dog licence fees from canefarmers in Rakiraki, while those living within the Lautoka City vicinity keep dogs free.

Dan Urai




Some political parties are promising $5 per hour as minimum wage. Can they also give a formula on how to do this?

Narayan Reddy




Some villages of Bua and Macuata have resorted to burning grog bowls (tanoa) and other traditional items of historical value in a spiritual cleansing ceremony to rid the vanua of evil and witchcraft practices. Can the villagers of both provinces who took part in the ceremony be bold enough to pull out all their yaqona plantations and burn them as well?

Petero Watekini




The back page photo and story dated Saturday 03/06 where the President is shaking hands with each of our Fijian gladiators is and should lift the intensity to the next level. The vibes from presenting the itatau to the highest office and especially for debutant players will build the foundation for teamwork and strength conditioning. Go John and Vereniki, rugby is in sleep mode at the moment and we need this dormant mountain to erupt and what a start it will be if we can fly above the Wallabies and tame them that may include our own. Go Fiji, na mana ni qito rakavi Viti kei na vuravura.

Shalwyn Prasad

Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva



It is not clear whether President Donald Trump was doing the right thing or not when he decided on the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. However, as the Fiji Government had always maintained in the face of criticism from our neighbours, the US is a sovereign state and will govern themselves as they desire. So folks lay off the criticism on Mr Trump.

Emosi Balei


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