Dialysis cost

Gabriel Simpsonm,Rakiraki | Monday, June 5, 2017
There is a lot of anguish expressed at the high cost of dialysis treatment. A lot of people will die from kidney failure because they cannot afford the treatment. The government is at its wits end trying to solve the problem and to foot the ever increasing healthcare bill. I have a simple but effective solution. We should fall back on the user/pay system.

Our doctors must compile a list of items that contribute to kidney disease. This list should contain sugar, fizzy drinks, junk food, glysophate products like weed killers and any other culprits.

The next step is to increase the VAT on these items by 100 per cent. This will have a two-fold benefit. The extra revenue can be used to buy more dialysis machines and the cost of sugar and fizzy drinks, etc, will encourage many to give it up.

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