Climate change

M. S. Kaleca,Raiwai, Suva | Monday, June 5, 2017
There has been so much talk going on about climate change in the international arena and locally.

It's as if all of a sudden big industrial nations and big people who rule these nations finally woke up one morning and realised that something has to be done about climate change. The truth is that what we are now experiencing did not just grew overnight but is the result of neglect and ignorance on everyone's part. Yes, that means you and I too.

I have just heard that the US President Donald Trump has opted to pull out of the Paris Agreement. A lot of people including leaders of these big industrial nations were quick to put his decision down. I believe that a lot of the people in our Pacific region would also dislike what he did but the reality is that President Trump or the US itself could not be held responsible for climate change. We are all responsible for the future health of this planet and it all starts with us first and not with politicians or presidents or prime ministers. It starts with you and I. Let us work together.

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