Building a nation

Mesake Sivoinavatu, Pagopago, American Samoa | Saturday, June 3, 2017

Whichever party wins next year's general election or whoever will become the next prime minister should keep in mind that money will not solve all of our national problems.

Raising the budget or splashing out monetary gifts will not change the decaying moral scenario.

It is important to try a holistic approach where all stakeholders:

* Government;

* religious leaders;

* provincial and district leaders;

* ethnic leaders;

* NGOs; and

* sports organisations to be involved.

Crimes to name a few such as domestic violence, rape, incest, corruption, prison escapes, stealing can never be solved by the police force if it does not involve all these institutions.

These institutions, including the family, play a major part in human and social makeup.

In order to curb our social problems it cannot only be solved from the top down to the bottom, but vice-versa.

We all can be involved in nation building.

I believe we all should.

God bless Fiji.

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