Junk food in canteens

Areki Dawai, Suva | Saturday, June 3, 2017

WHILE all school canteens are directed not to sell junk food, I believe there is a progress on students selling junk food in secondary schools as we speak.

Noodles, mango skin powder, bean was mentioned from the horse's mouth as he revealed what the students were doing in school.

Since I have received the information it would raise the eyebrows of the heads within the Ministry of Education to look into this matter and direct all school heads and teachers to be vigilant during school hours before the students beat the system and move up another level.

However, we are made to think again if the benefit of economic

growth is displayed where children are given more spending money or the hardship of today where students are looking for extra cash for other things and to provide for their family or the mechanism of exploiting students is like the rising tide, they are made to work for someone where there is a price in waiting.

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