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| Saturday, June 3, 2017
Cleansing crusade

IT is interesting that in most cleansing crusades, the climax seem to be the burning of items allegedly used in witchcraft. Is it necessary though, to burn motionless material things that have no clue of what happens around them? What was their fault?


Maumi, Bau, Tailevu

Asbestos found

SO asbestos was found at the Civic Centre in Suva, I wonder how many more buildings in Fiji have asbestos? It will be interesting to find out more buildings with asbestos and what year they were built?


Which of the two

WHICH of the two produces more products in a year? Which of the two gives more employment opportunities to the local? Which of the two gives more economic return to the government? Which of the two is more harmful to human beings and the environment?

Which of the two gives more fatal smoke in volume?

Which of the two you would choose, cigarette smoke or vehicle smoke?

And the fume from the industrial division is another story too while corruption is another cancerous story.


Asbestos lockdown

SO Suva is almost on lockdown because of asbestos.

When did they find this out? Anyway, someone asked me if asbestos is in Lautoka?


Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

DNA analysis

AFTER a recent experience at a lunch of chicken in Seoul, an idea came to mind. This was because I wasn't really sure whether what I had eaten was really chicken.

If the Consumer Council of Fiji with the help of our universities train people to do random DNA analysis of meats in our restaurants and fast food outlets.

This will ensure that when a customer orders chicken or beef, he is given what he wants and not other things.

Just a thought from a person whose favourite food is chicken!


Acting PM

I HAVE spoken to the acting PM Mr Sayed-Khaiyum a number of times and have found him to be a very friendly person.

I have also found him to be a very hardworking person.

But sometimes when I see him in Parliament he is altogether a different person.


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