New buzz word

Donald Singh, Lautoka | Saturday, June 3, 2017

ASBESTOS is the new buzz word around town. Some asked me what it was about!

Then I found out that many do not know much outside their own domains or comfort zones. Precautionary measures taken by the OHS gang may be seen by many as an overreaction.

However, paying close attention to the substance's harmful effects will throw many off their chairs.

Man-made and natural disasters have taught us many new things.

Remember 1987 when the word "coup" emerged? We couldn't even pronounce it right, and many got it right when it happened again. Then there's the word "tsunami".

As for the asbestos, people, do not wait for another case to learn about it.

Even I learned about it properly from Mr. RH a former anti-asbestos bloke.

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